Urban Portfolio

I enjoyed this exercise. I found an alleyway near where I live with a load of cool graffiti on it from when a graffiti artist was working with a bunch of local teenagers. You couldn’t get more urban than that. What I liked about it is the fact that I live in a rural area and it has some really rural influences such as Cuchulainn. That was interesting.
I tried all the options on the camera again, experimenting with lots of different shots. The ones above are the ones that I liked the best. They are not all in the same setting. Some worked and some didn’t and these are the best ones that I could get out of the bunch.
Usually I just point and shoot and I never think about framing the shot. That is one of my problems. I end up with the tops of peoples heads chopped off or they are half-in half-out of the photo. The lecture about composition helped me a great deal with this.



Today I tried different settings on my camera. It is a samsung PL100. Black with silver sides. I’ve had it for about a year. I have never tried different settings with it, apart from video, so it was good to see what the different options could do. I tried the auto, DIS, Program, Smart Auto, Scene, and Beauty shot. I didn’t try the night scene option.
I thought the best one was the DIS. Apparently this mode activates the Digital Image Stabilisation, whatever that is. It looked good anyway. The others looked either blurry or they were very pasty or grey.

As you can see, wordpress allows me to upload as a gallery which is a pretty handy feature.