Regular subscribers to this blog will be aware by now that digimedia makes me panic. My attitude towards it is dreadful and is most of the problem.
However, I shall continue to blog and make podcasts because it is so satisfying. Plus I believe that doing it more will make me change my attitude.
I still have not settled on a design for the blog and I have not checked out all the features. I have read about people using html and css to design their blogs. How does that work? Is a blog not just a ready-made platform?
I am not sure if this is optimised for social media either. Is adding in a Fb logo enough?
What I don’t like about blogs is this relentless desire to help people. Every blog post is about how to solve a problem. While this is incredibly useful, it is also incredibly boring. Bloggers blogging about blogging, and all offering the latest in eBooks for how to do simple things. My own preference is to use it to reflect on the tools that I come across.
I am a convert to podcasts even if I would question their impact in relation to video. They are simple to make, once you have done it a few times.
Also, how do you change the title of the blog? I cannot figure that out although I just did it about half an hour ago.



Itunes upload

First I had to figure out what I was supposed to do. Eventually I found a wikihow article which told me that I had to put the url of the podcast into Feedburner, then configure the elements and then it should be ready to submit to itunes.

So I did that. There was nothing about configuring elements and I still don’t know how to submit it to itunes.

Now itunes is telling me to create an xml feed. Is that the same? This is all so very confusing.

Next I added a subscribe button to my blog. That took me a while too as I had to skip back and forth between feedburner and wordpress. and it didn’t work out exactly as it was supposed to either as it has some text there that I don’t want

Eventually I managed to get my feed validated with feed validator. It did say something about changing my email address but I have no idea how to do this. I’m not sure what I would be supposed to do if my feed was not validated. Does podomatic do it automatically?
I found this confusing as I could not find feed only feed This has been a problem of mine throughout this module. What is on the slides does not always match with what happens when I try to do it but I guess things change and I just have to deal with it.
Then I had to enter in my feed and I wasn’t sure whether to enter the podcast url or the rss feed so I had to try both ways. Again, very confusing. I’m not sure which is supposed to be on itunes.
Anyway, I got it up and could listen to it. I also deleted two versions of the podcast which did not seem to do anything on itunes. I will probably regret that but it seems to be the only way that I learn.
Next step is to submit to itunes…
So I just tried that and I got so far (again the layout of iTunes is different to the slides so I had to explore that) when I was asked for an apple ID and a password so I will have to wait for my GF to come back as it is her PC. Of course the whole thing is in French too so I will have to get her to change that.


Ok, so I have gone through the podomatic process and have created a podcast for my experimental archaeology project. This has allowed me to put it on the blog as a link and also add a link which will allow people to subscribe to the podcast episodes. This is like being a one-person broadcasting company! Cool. I can see how people can get into it even if it is dreadfully slow-going for me. It takes me forever to add in links.

Still no sign of iTunes though. I seem to have missed that again.

Next thing is to see if I can upload my podcast to itunes.

The audacity of it…

So, I have finally recorded an audio file. I used my mobile phone to do it. Then I emailed it to myself so that I could convert it to mp3 and upload it to audacity. I had to do this on my pc as my laptop would not recognise the phone file. I spent the day playing around with different tools on audacity and eventually I mixed a music track as a background with the narration. I’m not sure if I have a good ear for these things but I tried different options and settled on one.

I practiced a lot of the edit tools, cutting tracks, silencing them, copying them and pasting them. I had to do this in order to clean up the narration. I also did some noise removal and volume levelling. To get the two tracks together I had to time-shift the tracks, label the music, put in a fade out and then mix and render before exporting.I think that I did this as an amr file and I might need to change it to a mp3 file for podomatic. As usual, the manual was not very clear but I stumbled through the process making every mistake possible. One of the things that I found out was that when I label all the tracks and time shift them and then I cut the opening music that I don’t need, it messes up the process and I have to change all the labels and time cuts again. This seemed not very clever. There is probably a way around it with another edit tool but I couldn’t figure that out and I wasn’t too keen on doing too much experimentation in case I deleted something. That already happened to me. Anway, I learned to edit the music first but it just seemed counter-intuitive to me.

I presume that Podomatic is going to be another challenge.