The audacity of it…

So, I have finally recorded an audio file. I used my mobile phone to do it. Then I emailed it to myself so that I could convert it to mp3 and upload it to audacity. I had to do this on my pc as my laptop would not recognise the phone file. I spent the day playing around with different tools on audacity and eventually I mixed a music track as a background with the narration. I’m not sure if I have a good ear for these things but I tried different options and settled on one.

I practiced a lot of the edit tools, cutting tracks, silencing them, copying them and pasting them. I had to do this in order to clean up the narration. I also did some noise removal and volume levelling. To get the two tracks together I had to time-shift the tracks, label the music, put in a fade out and then mix and render before exporting.I think that I did this as an amr file and I might need to change it to a mp3 file for podomatic. As usual, the manual was not very clear but I stumbled through the process making every mistake possible. One of the things that I found out was that when I label all the tracks and time shift them and then I cut the opening music that I don’t need, it messes up the process and I have to change all the labels and time cuts again. This seemed not very clever. There is probably a way around it with another edit tool but I couldn’t figure that out and I wasn’t too keen on doing too much experimentation in case I deleted something. That already happened to me. Anway, I learned to edit the music first but it just seemed counter-intuitive to me.

I presume that Podomatic is going to be another challenge.


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