Regular subscribers to this blog will be aware by now that digimedia makes me panic. My attitude towards it is dreadful and is most of the problem.
However, I shall continue to blog and make podcasts because it is so satisfying. Plus I believe that doing it more will make me change my attitude.
I still have not settled on a design for the blog and I have not checked out all the features. I have read about people using html and css to design their blogs. How does that work? Is a blog not just a ready-made platform?
I am not sure if this is optimised for social media either. Is adding in a Fb logo enough?
What I don’t like about blogs is this relentless desire to help people. Every blog post is about how to solve a problem. While this is incredibly useful, it is also incredibly boring. Bloggers blogging about blogging, and all offering the latest in eBooks for how to do simple things. My own preference is to use it to reflect on the tools that I come across.
I am a convert to podcasts even if I would question their impact in relation to video. They are simple to make, once you have done it a few times.
Also, how do you change the title of the blog? I cannot figure that out although I just did it about half an hour ago.


Well? What do you think?

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