I have been searching for a social bookmarking homepage for a while. I need this to organise all the websites that I like. I used to use Netvibes and I loved it until I added a Stumblupon widget to it and ever since then it has been sending me straight to that site when I log on. There is probably a simple fix for that but I am too lazy to search for it. Then I used iGoogle for a while and that was ok but the news that this is being discontinued next year means that I need a new one. In the past I have been depending on memory to take care of all my usual sites but then one day I came across which is one of my favourite sites for design and I realised that I havent been on that for ages and that is the sort of thing I need to check every day so that I can share its content. I am a sharer like that.  I like to find stuff and share it but it needs to be current.

So, eventually I found Symbaloo and gave it a go. I love the simple idea of just having tiles for each site. Most sites have a tile and if they don’t I can make one. Like netvibes, you can organise your sites in different categories, but unlike netvibes, it is not an aggregate reader, so if you want to see what is going on, you need to click on a tile and let it bring you there. In this respect, it is a little less cool than netvibes, but on the other hand a lot of that content had a habit of just distracting me. Now I tend to go where I want instead of getting waylaid and that is the sort of filter system I need for information.

What sort of homepage/social bookmarking tool do you use?