Information Organisation

If I asked you where to find that useful piece of information you found last year about that thing we were talking about, would you be able to locate it for me?

I know that is a hypothetical question, but it is one that I find myself thinking about a lot these days. Since I have gone online I have found some fantastic pieces of information and created some others which I need to keep. Some of it I have put in folders. Some of it I have on usb keys. I even have floppy disks lying about somewhere. I have dropped stuff in dropboxes, documented them in googledocs, and I spend so much time in the cloud these days that I feel lightheaded.

Then there is social bookmarking. I find Delicious to be  of great use for tagging webpages the way I want to.

Yet, when it comes to information retrieval, I have yet to find the holy grail. I know it is probably impossible to retrieve just what you want when you want it, but at the very least I would like to be able to use one place to store everything. That would be nice, instead of having to sync folders and jump from cloud to cloud and finish knowing that I have a juicy piece of information stored somewhere but I just cannot find it.

The thing is, I am not a librarian. I make do with what is in front of me. At the moment I am placing all my information in gmail. I email myself anything of interest. I tag it as detailed as I want in the subject line. It then gets placed in labels in gmail. This allows me to locate it through gmails search facility and I can browse through the labels if I do not know exactly what I am looking for until I find it.

So far, it is working for me.

How do you organise your information for retrieval?