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I gave my first Blog workshop this week.

I got talking to the leader of a local community resource centre at a Food-from-around-the-World Day, and I volunteered my services after being seduced by a yummy thai curry.

They have a facebook presence but not much else and despite the fact that they are located around the corner from me, I actually had no idea what services they provided. When I suggested to them that I could possibly help them with their information distribution, they asked me if I could create a website for them. I went away and knocked together a quick site using WordPress and showed it to them. I suggested that this would be more than capable for their needs, that they could upgrade it if they needed more choices and they could manage it without paying a web developer. They liked it.

So I set about creating a workshop for their volunteers and I went along to their HQ to meet them. I had them all start from scratch and got them to create their own WordPress accounts, usernames, blognames, taglines and introduced them to the dashboard. Then we moved on to changing themes, creating pages and posts,  adding images, videos and social media widgets. Some of them were eager to use WordPress to create sites for their own use so I showed them how to do that.


The workshop took three hours and by the end of it everyone had their own site or blog created so they were very happy with it. They were all well able to look after the site I created for them. Myself, I found it much more different than I expected. I had visions of just going through my slides and students following along. They didn’t. Some skipped ahead. Others ran into problems and I had to work one-on-one with most of them. It was ok though. It was all good experience for them, and for me.

Most of them were very wary of blogging and managing their own online profiles. They were more used to lurking and consuming content. Talking to them throughout the workshop, their biggest difficulty was taking the time to start and having the patience not to just give up when they hit difficulties. I could relate to that.

Anyone else got any experiences they would like to share about information training labs?

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