Sound Job

This week we had to create a 5 sound audio story using nothing but sound effects. I had to go through quite a few tutorials for these.
I recorded the sounds myself on my phone and then uploaded them to my laptop which meant a roundabout route through my pc using my partners camera. That nearly drove me nuts. I had to take the sd card from my phone and put it in her camera adaptor, then put it in my camera and upload it to the laptop. I used a file converter to change them from amr to mp3 and then I imported them to audacity. Then I played around with them until I got a story. I didn’t want to do too much with it because I was eager to get on to the bumper. Then I exported it as an mp3 and uploaded it to soundcloud so I could put in in the blog.

The next assignment was to create a 30 second bumper for a podacst or radio show. Bumpers are those pieces in between music or talking which advertises the show to the listener. Again, I had to go through the whole rigmarole with the phone. I really should get a mic for the laptop. I found some background music on Incompetech and some sounds on One thing I did notice was that there was a huge difference between what I could hear on my headphones and what I could hear on the speakers. Also, I learned how to clean up the audio, but that was after I had it edited, so it was too late.


Audio Storytelling

This week in DS106 I was mostly listening to audio. Radio and podcasts. Apparently, radio is very popular in Ireland, according to an ad I heard on the radio. I listened to a few radio stations. Mostly American. I love American talk radio, not the crazy stuff but the stuff that transports you with stories. I don’t listen to enough of it. The radio I usually listen to is background music, the type you can just not pay attention to. Filler. So, when I had the chance to listen to something like Guts – Radiolab, it was a real treat. This type of audio demands your attention. It had so much stuff going on in the background. Noises and effects helped to build up the atmosphere.I hope to listen to more of it. I also signed up for free accounts with SoundCloud and Freesound ( a creative commons library of sound effects) because we will soon be making our own “bumpers” for radio.
I also listened to Ira Glass, host of This American Life explain about the gist of what is necessary for audio storytelling.

This got me thinking about my old archaeology podcast from college and how this medium is perfect for subjects that mainstream media tend to ignore.


I was doing some research on MOOCs (later) and I came across this blog on Twitter, which struck a chord with me, for a number of reasons. Digital Storytelling uses a lot of open source tools that I was introduced to in Digimedia. Tools that I found interesting but that I had not found a chance to play with. One of the purposes of digital storytelling is to develop skills in digital media and I had been looking for a way to do this. I also wanted to do this in a fun way. Creating an action movie poster with Julia Childs in it sounded right up my street. I started with a few Daily Creates  on Flickr and then made this GiF using Youtube, a MPEG streamer and GIMP.


I need to slow it down and tweak it but I managed the process. This weekend I’m going to try Audacity and SoundCloud to make a little radio show. Fun.