I was doing some research on MOOCs (later) and I came across this blog on Twitter, which struck a chord with me, for a number of reasons. Digital Storytelling uses a lot of open source tools that I was introduced to in Digimedia. Tools that I found interesting but that I had not found a chance to play with. One of the purposes of digital storytelling is to develop skills in digital media and I had been looking for a way to do this. I also wanted to do this in a fun way. Creating an action movie poster with Julia Childs in it sounded right up my street. I started with a few Daily Creates  on Flickr and then made this GiF using Youtube, a MPEG streamer and GIMP.


I need to slow it down and tweak it but I managed the process. This weekend I’m going to try Audacity and SoundCloud to make a little radio show. Fun.


One comment on “DS106

  1. CogDog says:

    Awesome, work, that is a perfect capture of Allison’s character, when you save the GIF, there is an option to change the frame rate.

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