Digital Media Workshop

I am looking into creating digital media workshops for kids and have put together a few examples of the sort of finished products that I think would interest them. These examples were created with my own kids so I know they would work for 8-12 year olds. In the first one, myself and Zoe worked with a poem that she brought home from school. She searched through the images on Storybird until she found the ones that matched the poem. This was in our pre-audio era so it was just done as an exercise in matching images with text. She placed the images onto the storyboard and then added the text herself. As far as digital literacy goes she had a number of different layout options to play with e.g. full-page images, right/left and top/bottom alignments.

With the next one, I added audio into the project. At the time, I recorded Zoe on a camera, ripped the audio off it, edited it on Audacity and then added it to the Storybird images in Windows Movie Maker. It was still a roundabout way of doing things but it was a learning process. I was learning how to use Audacity and also getting used to organising, moving and converting different files. I think these are the sort of digital skills that would help kids as they move into post-primary school.

The next time we used Zoes’ own pictures. This is called Narrated Art and it is a good way to get younger kids thinking about creating their own content and amplifying it. Again, it is about learning how to edit images on a timeline to match audio.

This radio show was recorded on a smart phone. It was created just as an example to show what could be done by an eight year old and a twelve year old. I didn’t even clean up the audio. With a project like this, you could have a group of kids brainstorm different sections for a radio show or class podcast, research their topics, write up a script, rehearse, select background audio, record the sections and add in bumpers just as if it was their own radio show. When this sort of digital project is combined with curriculum topics, I imagine it would be a good way of deepening the level of learning.
I did the editing and production myself, but I see no reason why it could not be taken onboard by young people who were enthusiastic about it.

It would be really helpful for me if I could get some feedback from any other information professionals/teachers out there about this sort of work.


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