Outstanding in their fields – Liebster Award

My nominations for the Liebster award are all bloggers that explore the past.

Vox Hiberionacum
Pilgrimage in Medieval Ireland
Building Mesolithic
Irish Archaeology Field School
The Accidental Archaeologist
Omnium Sanctorum Hiberniae
Newgrange Currach
My Cartoon Version of Reality
Guerrilla Archaeology
The Urban Prehistorian
Irelands Holywells
Time Travel Ireland


Anyone who would like to accept the nomination can take part by answering the following questions (linking back to my blog) then in turn nominate 11 more blogs of your choice, posing your own questions. This is entirely optional!

1. How do you think blogging has benefited your personal/professional development?

2. What is the most recent heritage site you have visited?

3. What is your earliest memory of engaging with the material past?

4. Who inspires you (in archaeology land or otherwise)?

5. What is your favourite artefact/landscape/monument?

6. If you had a choice to live in a previous time, where and when would it be?

7. What is your biggest ambition?

8. Which piece of archaeology or heritage made you look at the world in a different way?

9. If there was a movie based in your favorite time, what would the soundtrack of it be?

10. Where are you most likely to be found on a day off?

11. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve heard?




4 comments on “Outstanding in their fields – Liebster Award

  1. rmaguire19 says:

    Gosh! Thank you for this! I’m only a blow in, and I don’t know how to link in yet, I’m afraid! Okay – answers!

    1. I’m sort of exploring the blog idea as a way to let my hair down and dance in bare feet (metaphorically and academically!!) from the very formal style of writing I need to use for ‘proper’ journals. Me having fun. Profit from it? I’m stupid enough not to worry about profit if it brings fun!

    2. Recent heritage site? Milltown cemetery, Belfast, hunting for stones with holes in ‘em for an equally strange friend… oh you, archaeology!

    3.Earliest memory with material past? Takabuti in the Ulster Museum. Ma used her as a way to make me read history books, my da told me she was a princess who rose from her sarcophagus and searched for her lost love. At 4 I fell for that one, sufficiently that I tried to hide in the museum to help her look for her lover. Yup: suckered.

    4.Every good archaeo I know, and I know a fair few!

    5. So many! The island of the Bronze Sge Prince on Avaldsnes, Norway, Uffington White Horse, Dowth, Audleystown… don’t ask me to choose!

    6. Iron Age Ulaidh, or Etruria, well before scummy Romans moved in ;-P

    7. To survive with some sanity until post-doc!

    8. The Y-piece… but that, as they say, will be a blog /book/film by Steven Spielberg for another day…..

    9. Just for fun I’d have lots of punk and banjo’s. Sums up the Irisih Iron Age pretty well, I’d imagine!

    10. Sofa. With dog, cider and sushi!

    11. ‘Be unique, be something that cannot ever be replaced, and you’ll always be required’. This was told to me by a very wise osteo, while scraping muck off an aberrant burial some 7 feet down a hole. You listen to stuff like that! It’s proved to be the best advice ever!

  2. Roy Murray says:

    Thanks for the prompt and interesting answers, Rena and good luck with your blog. I took archaeology as my minor in university so I am always interested in latest musings. One question, Y-piece?

  3. […] Day of Archaeology is a must see) was kind enough to include this blog in an archaeological themed Liebster  Nomination List. To be brutally honest, I tend not to go in for such things – a chain letter is a chain […]

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