Starfleet Analytics

starfleet academy

Welcome Space Cadet, to Starfleet Federation Analytics training.
Open up your analytics packages. Yes, they look confusing. No, you cannot break them. Yes, you must learn to use them or you will not get the Enterprise off the ground.
Our analytics package are mission geared and driven by logic. If the two are not connected you get data leak, not warp drive.

Before you press any buttons, start with your mission. All Starfleet spaceships have a mission. We do not fly randomly about the universe. Your mission can be ecommerce, lead generation, content publishing, support or branding. Each mission has different goals. It is your job to fly through the universe on your mission and report back to Earth as you go along. Let us look at how Kirk and his team might have managed their missions.


Usually you will want to beam objects down to people who want them. Now, Kirk’s goal will be to increase sales, increase unique visits and increase profits. He doesn’t really care how this happens. Spock on the other hand has no interest in that. He just wants to track the data to see exactly how it is happening. So he will break Kirk’s desires down into the most hyper relevant logical signals or KPIs. Someone has to ensure that the mission is on course and they are not just floating about in space. On this mission, he will be observing monthly revenue, monthly unique visitors and profit. Uhuru will connect Spock’s choices with targets so they can see keep an eye on their speed/direction. So she may be keeping an eye on the actual changes in numbers and percentages as the mission progresses. Should Kirk need any other help, he can also segment the information further. For example, he could ask Bones to run a paid search scan on it or he could check with Scotty to break it down by location. Finally Kirk will report back to Federation Command.

Set your mission goals

Set your mission goals

Lead Generation

If this mission, Kirk may decide to capture contact emails for a newsletter and to beam down the user a webinar. Spock would probably identify newsletter conversions and signups as KPIs. Uhuru would set monthly targets and further segmentation may be traffic source and gender (because Kirk would probably like to know that).

Captain, I detect lots of win in this sector.

Captain, I detect lots of win in this sector.

Content Publishing

This mission may be to publish a blog. In this case, Kirk would probably want to engage other lifeforms and ensure frequent and prosperous visits. Spock may be interested in observing returning visitors, audience engagement rates and perhaps if people were sharing the content through social channels. Uhuru would again set monthly targets to observe fluctuations and the reports could then be further segmented by possibly looking at keyword source.

Set clear targets

Set clear targets


Perhaps the mission is to act as online support for lifeforms needing assistance. Kirk’s objective here would be to help them as quickly as possible. Spock might choose to observe the time on site and the number of page views as this would tell him what he needed to know. Both of these should be low for a support mission. Uhuru should be able to keep an eye on how they are doing over time. Again further segmentation would be provided by looking at number of visits for each user.

Did he ask for the dilithium chamber at maximum?

Did he ask for the dilithium chamber at maximum?


Finally you could be on a branding mission, to increase Federation loyalty and counteract the Klingons. In this case, Kirk might want to back up the offline branding from the banners located on the moons in the Delta quadrant and engage with the community there. Spock will probably observe through his KPIs of branded traffic and bounce rate. Uhuru will keep track of the metrics on the visits to the Enterprise site and further segmentation can be given through number of conversions and days since visit.


Live Long and Prosper

Apologies and thanks to Avinash Kaushiks’ Digital Framework


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