Radio Free Europe

Part of my work at the moment involves making videos and sometimes I need to overlay music as part of that. This brings up copyright issues which are pretty time-consuming to work through. It is hard to find music which can be used online but it needs to be done. First, there is the artist to think about. They need to eat. Second, it does not look good for the organisation you work for to receive lawyers letters in the post. Thirdly, even if you don’t care about the first two, video platforms such as YouTube will delete your video if their technology senses that you are using copyrighted material.


Thankfully, the internet is good. There are plenty of sites that provide creative commons material for use in video. Just be careful that you check the license involved is not a No Derivatives License. This means that you cannot make changes to it, and syncing it to video is classed as a change. Once you find some suitable audio, it is suggested that you credit the artists on the video.
Here are some of the sites that I found useful for finding free music that did not break any copyright laws.

Free Music Archive
Moby Gratis

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Audio Storytelling

This week in DS106 I was mostly listening to audio. Radio and podcasts. Apparently, radio is very popular in Ireland, according to an ad I heard on the radio. I listened to a few radio stations. Mostly American. I love American talk radio, not the crazy stuff but the stuff that transports you with stories. I don’t listen to enough of it. The radio I usually listen to is background music, the type you can just not pay attention to. Filler. So, when I had the chance to listen to something like Guts – Radiolab, it was a real treat. This type of audio demands your attention. It had so much stuff going on in the background. Noises and effects helped to build up the atmosphere.I hope to listen to more of it. I also signed up for free accounts with SoundCloud and Freesound ( a creative commons library of sound effects) because we will soon be making our own “bumpers” for radio.
I also listened to Ira Glass, host of This American Life explain about the gist of what is necessary for audio storytelling.

This got me thinking about my old archaeology podcast from college and how this medium is perfect for subjects that mainstream media tend to ignore.