Sound Job

This week we had to create a 5 sound audio story using nothing but sound effects. I had to go through quite a few tutorials for these.
I recorded the sounds myself on my phone and then uploaded them to my laptop which meant a roundabout route through my pc using my partners camera. That nearly drove me nuts. I had to take the sd card from my phone and put it in her camera adaptor, then put it in my camera and upload it to the laptop. I used a file converter to change them from amr to mp3 and then I imported them to audacity. Then I played around with them until I got a story. I didn’t want to do too much with it because I was eager to get on to the bumper. Then I exported it as an mp3 and uploaded it to soundcloud so I could put in in the blog.

The next assignment was to create a 30 second bumper for a podacst or radio show. Bumpers are those pieces in between music or talking which advertises the show to the listener. Again, I had to go through the whole rigmarole with the phone. I really should get a mic for the laptop. I found some background music on Incompetech and some sounds on One thing I did notice was that there was a huge difference between what I could hear on my headphones and what I could hear on the speakers. Also, I learned how to clean up the audio, but that was after I had it edited, so it was too late.